We just luuuv our animals, don’t we?

Whether it’s a fuzzy kitten, clumsy puppy, or gallant steed, we are madly in love and completely obsessed with our critters.  Don’t even get me started on how much I spend on toys, cool leashes, swish dog food (ya are what ya eat!).  Our FedEx guy once thought I had a toddler because he saw laundry baskets full of toys through the door, yet never “heard” a child.  Oh he heard the child all right… he just never realized the barkity bark bark of “give me my treat!” was “the child.”

Seriously, who can resist benefits like unconditional love, endless laughter, a cool wet nose on a hot afternoon, a warm purr on a cool winter morning, not to mention all the people (and animal) friends you collect as a result of your fine furry/feathered/hairy compadre!

Our animals are family.  They just don’t sit at the table, er, unless you’re my Aunt Tea, whose Siamese cat Punkin’ had his bowl & a placemat on her & Uncle Merle’s table… but that’s a whole ‘nuther southern story…  Pets are often our refuge for peace, comfort, healing and sometimes our safety.  One of the most joyous ways to pay tribute to your animal friend is a professional, carefully designed portrait to display in your home, on your desk, or even inside your beautiful barn.

So how does this work?  SUPER easy, that’s how!

My sessions are on location. I find pets (and owners) are more comfy in their own digs…

I schedule a consultation with the owner at home, or we meet over coffee.  I totally understand the hesitancy to invite a stranger into your home.  During the consultation, we discuss the location of the portrait, specifics about the pet(s), the types of products desired.  We discuss the cost of the session, and the cost of the products.  I am vehemently opposed to heavy handed sales tactics, so no client of mine will EVER feel pressured.  The consultation is important, because I need to understand what we’re working towards.  Is it a wall portrait to go over the fireplace?  Is it a presentation box/easel set for your desk at work, that will require multiple images?   We never start without a plan.  I prefer to meet the pet(s) prior to the session.

Prior to the session, my homework is done.  For location sessions, I’ve already visited the location, checked it out, watched the lighting, thought of backgrounds/ideas/etc.  As a professional, it is imperative I arrive prepared, and with a plan, and a backup plan (or two).  I also carry backup equipment and portable lighting.  I’m VERY flexible, and when we see something amazing – I am perfectly happy  to toss the original plan because the moment delivereds something completely unexpected and breathtaking. Flexibility is the key – always.

Every pet/animal has his/her own agenda and mood. Even the most well trained animals have their days, just like we do… Because of this, I don’t wear a watch, and don’t want my clients to worry about the time. And, if things go awry, we have a second session – at no additional fee. The purpose of the session is to create images that thrill my clients. It hasn’t happened yet, but in the event there is a moody day that doesn’t yield what the owner wants… we’ll do it again – at no charge.

I’d love to visit with you about a portrait for your pet(s) or your entire family!  I may be reached at:
Home office:  (360)613-0914    Mobile:  (360)674-8175

kitsap pet photographer bremerton pet photographerI envy children for their ability to make up words, and get away with using those made-up words. My personal favorite is “funner” – and I use it more than I care to admit. In that spirit, I have to admit, there’s nothing funner than creating beautiful art involving a family pet, or pets.
The image on the left garnered me the 2012 Washington State Animal/Pet Photographer by the Professional Photographers of Washington, and was also awarded first place in a B&W fine art show in Bellevue.

seattle area pet photographerThis particular image received a national merit from Professional Photographers of America at the Western Regional Competition in March of 2012.

Click on any image below to view larger.

Bremerton Pet Photographer

These are the Three Musketeers, and they are magnificent animals. It was a cold, and rainy winter day. Yes, this was actually photographed in the rain with a softbox, which allowed us to capture the saturated colors, yet provide beautiful light on the dogs. I was ready for hot cocoa after lying on the ground that day, but I had LOTS of doggie kisses and wagging tails to warm me up after the session!

Kitsap Pet Photographer
This girl was made for the lovely golden grass in the background. We used a small portable flash to help set her apart from the setting sun’s glow. She was a busy girl, but we were able to settle her down long enough for this gorgeous profile.

Seattle Pet Portraits Ruby is a beauty. This image was taken shortly before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge towards an eternity of happiness. Unable to stand or move, I felt the best tribute to her was a different style of portrait. The final print was made on an extremely heavy watercolor paper.

Kitsap Pet Portraits This girl owns her daddy’s heart. She hunts like a champion with him, and guards the family room sofa like the queen she is!

Fine Art Pet Portraits Razzle is the proud pal of our 2012 Miss Kitsap Fair & Stampede. He’s always up for a game of ball, and has a personality as beautiful as his girl!

Seattle Puppy Photographer Ah, this portrait was especially memorable. I had traveled to the family’s home to photograph the two adult dogs. “Baby Timmy” the puppy had come for a visit from the breeder (babysitting). He was the last puppy left, everyone else had been adopted. After this session, Timmy never went home. It was his first portrait as a member of his new family.

Bremerton Pet Portraits Mr. Tucker here is a saucy little guy, and loved racing along side his mom while she rides.

Silverdale Pet Photographer Levi was an old man, and enjoyed many years of happiness with his master. I am often asked for late life portraits, they help the pet owner grieve once their beloved friend has crossed. Levi passed not long after his portrait.

Kitsap Horse Photographer Here we are with Tucker, his mama, and Leo, a great old (literally) horse. Leo is 23 and moves pretty slow, but he’s dearly loved by his family.

bremerton kitsap silverdale pet photographerJade, Timmy and Easton at Howe Farm in Port Orchard.  Timmy sure has grown since his first portrait!